Again,the Legalization of Drugs issue.I Will Invite Everyone to Voice Their Opinion.?

Question by Richard: Again,The Legalization of Drugs issue.I will invite everyone to voice their opinion.?
I hope we can keep this constructive.Marijuana is a given.We are all aware of methadone treatment centers.I will at this time, ask you to make yourselves aware of “INSITE”,it is a pilot program in Vancover Canada.I would ask you,Which drugs you would support becoming legalized and why? And on the flip side of this,why you would keep them illegal?
Again, the debate will continue so stay tuned in for more questions on this subject.Also,as I opened up this question to everyone,I still want to hear from our Police officers. Thank You !

Best answer:

Answer by Mad Mama
Legalize – marijuana.

Keep the rest illegal for now. And do not add additional items to the list of controlled substances (like K2).

Answer by Matt H
I support the decriminalisation of ALL drugs.
A couple of reasons – it would remove the need for a black market and instantly put illicit drug dealers and the big drug lords out of business – people won’t go to Scarface for coke if they can get it in the drugstore.
Once the stigma of drugs being “bad” is removed, it will be easier for addicts to seek help because they won’t be judged for doing something illegal – they’ll be praised for trying to get clean.
They’ll be taxed which will help pay for rehab and other social needs.
Their legalisation will also lead to them being regulated and quality controlled which will ensure that no-one gets a false overdose from some smack cut with rat poison or any of that crap.

If all drug “offences” are no longer considered crimes, you’ll free up a hell of a lot of prison space that’s currently occupied by kids who got caught with a few joints in their pocket and can have room made for murderers and kiddy-fiddlers – proper criminals – to occupy.

Jim – people who do drugs don’t do them because they’re physically unable to have fun without them. This is a very popular misconception and it annoys me greatly.

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