Arrest Made in Death of Former AWC Player – Yuma Daily Sun

Methadone Drug: Arrest made in death of former AWC player – Yuma Daily Sun
“The Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that the cause of death was multiple drug toxicity and that the methadone alone was sufficient enough to cause death, while no other combination would have likely caused death. The Medical Examiner’s …
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Methadone Drug: Moms take action against prescription drug abuse – Desert Sun
She and Janet Janes, a Cathedral City mom whose son died while experimenting with methadone, have teamed up to form Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse. What began as a grassroots effort has now led to a nonprofit organization that boasts Rep.
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Methadone Drug: This user is a trusted contributor of information on this website. City street chase ends before court – Exeter Express-Echo
Since then, the defendant had voluntarily referred himself to the Endas drug rehabilitation scheme and had been on a methadone prescription. Mr Crabb said Quinn had also volunteered himself for the prolific offender course, which involved being monitored …
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Methadone Drug: Parents of murdered daughter remember her as loving mom – Alliance Review
“She probably got being too trusting from me,” Diana said. Loy also struggled with an addiction to drugs. After Kaden’s heart surgery, she became addicted to the pain medication methadone, according to her parents. “She had a lot of pain and got addicted …
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