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Methadone Drug: Asia is awash with shabu – GMANews.TV

Asia is awash with shabu
There is no methadone-like substitution drug. (Fish sauce is no help.) Heavy users can take months or even years to recover. Dependence is best treated with psychosocial and other behavioral therapies, which require time, money, and expertise.

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Methadone Drug: Illegal sale of painkillers a growing problem
NIAGARA FALLS — Barb’s low point finally came after three years of injecting ground-up pills, smoking crack and turning tricks in the fleabag motels and drug houses of Niagara Falls.[…]
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Methadone Drug: Hickey’s Current event
Tinseltownie Dept. Four months ago, the Boston Phoenix published an exclusive story about Charlestown native Johnny Hickey, and his metamorphosis from Oxycontin bandit, to undercover anti-drug agent, to aspiring filmmaker. In the time since, his feature-length hometown tragedy, Oxy Morons, had a successful two-month test screening at Showcase Cinemas in Revere, where it placed second in the …
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Methadone Drug: A General in the Drug War
The neuroscientist who leads the National Institute on Drug Abuse is facing a powerful enemy: prescription drug abuse.
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