I Am Currently Under Methadone Therapy, My Doctor Gave Me the Option of Buprenorphine. Has Anybody Used This?

Question by aymarzegardarian: I am currently under methadone therapy, my doctor gave me the option of Buprenorphine. Has anybody used this?

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Answer by Angel
Before you can go on Buprenorphine, you must go down to 30 mgms. of methadone first. If you were to go on Buprenorphine, you would no longer have a “drug” in your blood or urine because it doesn’t show up. They claim that it does the same thing as Methadone as far as you won’t get “sick” on it. I also hear that it’s less harmful to your body e.g. your teeth won’t decay. But I’m not sure if your eyes’ pupils will still be dilated or not? Because methadone does cause the pupils to dilate (contract) which may cause some people to think that you’re high on some kind of street drug instead. I know someone who wishes they were on 30 mgms. of Methadone so that they could switch to Buprenorphine today! (They’re taking 130 mgms.)

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