Target2: Heroin Epidemic, a Lengthy Recovery

Target2: Heroin Epidemic, A Lengthy Recovery
Target 2 examines the difficult road to recovery for heroin addicts.
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Peaches was secretly visiting rehab centre weeks before her death, report claims
The mother-of-two may have been battling secret heroin addiction by using methadone
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Prescription abuse skyrocketing, leading to more heroin addicts, experts say
District attorneys, health officials and substance abuse experts gathered May 7 in San Francisco to discuss the growing problem of prescription abuse and come up with strategies, including requiring the use of drug databases and more aggressive crackdowns on 'dirty doctors.
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The Truth About Heroin: Not Just A 'Tenement' Drug Or What You've Seen On Trainspotting
Heroin , if we're being brutally frank, has always had the reputation of being the skanky drug. For most of us, the spectre and reputation of what we know about heroin – deadly, highly addictive – is enough to scare us off ever trying it. Even recreational drug users know it is not a drug to be messed with. Although the good news is the numbers of heroin users is falling – according to the …
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