What Does METHADONE Show Up as on a Drug Test?

Question by Q A T F Y: What does METHADONE show up as on a drug test?
Does it show up as “an opiate” such as Hydrocodone or Percocet or Oxycontin… or does it specifically show up as “METHADONE”? The drug test will be performed at a pain clinic, and will be a urine test. Thank you so much for your kind, tactful answers.

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Methadone Opiates: Ibogaine in Slovenia

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  • kphelps2012:

    Specifically, urinalysis separates into the following categories…
    Morphine (not looked for in all tests)
    These are the most popular on a Series 8 test. Notice methadone is seperate.

  • John de Witt:

    It generally shows as an opiate in screening tests. There are screens and there are more specific tests. How’s this for a concept?: the answer you get depends on the question you ask. That holds true whether the question is in the form of English words or chemical testing.

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  • shenked:

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  • shenked:

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